Walk in Faith

And God speaks

Oh man, I love you, yes you
I love you who read these lines
Build your life on my love

Never doubt it, don’t hesitate
Just let yourself fall into my love

It’s not hard, you, love me too
Love me, love me with your whole being
Speak to me, talk to me, sing, shout it out
I love you, you, oh you, my God
I love You, You, my Heavenly Father

A new world will open up for you
Give up all your worries
Give up all your fears
Give up all your uncertainty
Give up all your caution
Give it all up
Give it all to me, let go, let go

Love me, love me, because I love you
From now on, walk in love
For that is what faith is
Walk in faith, in love, on solid ground

In this faith, you build your life on rock
Yes, on rock and not on sand
Nothing will shake you anymore
The house of your life stands on solid ground

Love me and testify your love to me
I will take care of you, beyond any measure
I will heal you
I will heal your body, your mind and your soul

Love me and confess your love to me
While you are on earth, I will give you a taste
A taste of what awaits you in my presence
As if you were already in heaven
With me in heaven, with me

Oh man, I am longing for Your love
I created you to love me
That you may know me
That you may be my joy

Oh man, I gave you a free will
Out of your free will, you should decide for yourself
To decide to love me or turn away
Don’t turn away, look at me
Recognize my love in your life
Please, please love me

Open your heart, see who dwells in your heart
From your first breath to your last
I was, I am, and I will be in Your heart

Go, oh man, get up, look into your heart
Yes, that’s where love lives, that’s where I live
In your heart is nothing but light and love

Come on, come, open your heart
Let the light and love shine
Let it shine into a dark and waiting world
Enlighten and warm the world

Oh man, love me
Because I love you so much
I love you beyond all measure
Oh man, love me and everything will be fine
Everything, everything will be fine
Everything will be just fine

Oh man, walk in faith
Walk in love, in love, in love

God speaks and so it shall be

And I answer God

Thank you my Lord, oh my Heavenly Father
Thank you for your love
Thank you for your care
Thank you for all your gifts
Thank you for my life
Thank you for your love

Yes, oh Lord, I love You, I love You
I love you with my whole being
I love you with my life

I long, I consume myself
I want to be with you, with an open heart
I want to see you face to face

Please let Your Holy Spirit be in me
Please let your Holy Spirit be with me
Please let Your Holy Spirit work through me

Thank God, my Heavenly Father, my Lord
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your love
I love you, I love you

Anton “Tony” Kaufmann
April 24, 2021

Collection Prose Poems

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Foto von Jeffrey Czum von Pexels