Faith Not Fear

Oh Lord, my God, my Heavenly Father
I love You so much and I thank You
I thank You for all Your Goodness and Your Grace
My every breath is given by You
You provide me with everything I need
And You give me even so much more
Thank You, Lord, thank You

Despite all Your Kindness and Grace
Despite all of my gratitude
I keep feeling trapped, trapped in my fear
This fear surrounds my heart like the heaviest chains
That fear keeps me trapped in a dark dungeon
Then I am frozen with fear
Paralyzed, as if frozen. It’s so cold, so cold
I freeze and shiver, no light comes in
That’s how it seems to me, that’s how I feel
What can I do, how can I free myself
My heart cries out, it searches, it is desperate
Danger, danger everywhere I look, danger

But in all this fear I see Your Light
Yes, I see Your Light and it illuminates my heart
I am filled with Your Love, yes, Your Love
Oh, how much You love me, how much You love me

Faith fills my heart, yes, the faith that brings all my hopes
All the love of my heart into this world
Into this world and my fear dissolves

Yes, my fear no longer has any strength or power over me
My faith, my innermost knowledge about You
Your Presence in my life, now and forever

Faith is the force that brings the impossible, the potential
All my hopes into this world in which I live
Yes, my faith is my heart’s knowledge of You
About Your Love, about Your Presence in my life

Oh Lord, my God, my Heavenly Father
You are the reality, the everlasting reality in my life
How much I longed for You and now
Yes, now I know You were always there, there in my heart
You were there and You waited for me, waited
That my faith recognizes You and makes You my reality
The only reality of my life, the only reality
The reality that lasts forever and ever

You fear, you no longer control me
Your power over me is broken forever
I live in the Presence of God and in faith
Faith and hope are the joys of my life
Innocent, renewed every moment in You and through You

Oh lord I live, yes, I live, finally I know
I know what life is – life is the realization of You
The realization of You in my life, in me
My heart rejoices, it is filled with the purest joy
Fear, you are no longer part of me, never again
I live in faith, in love, in the Love of my Lord
The Love of my Lord fills my heart
I see beauty, only beauty, in all creation
Just beauty, just beauty, just beauty

I live, I love, I hope, I know, I live in faith
The chains that have held me captive for so long are broken
Oh Lord, my God, my Heavenly Father
You set me free and gave me Your Love

I’m back, I’m home, I’m with You
Thank You, thank You, thank You

Anton “Tony” Kaufmann
February 22, 2021

Collection Prose Poems

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